Dr Eoin O’Cearbhaill
Dr Eoin O’CearbhaillManaging Director

Founder and Managing Director of Excelsior Land Limited, Eoin is responsible for all property related matters. With a Phd and degrees in both Structural and Civil Engineering, Eoin ensures all of the projects Excelsior Land manage are delivered to an exceptional standard. Eoin is able to analyse designs and drawings to ensure the best possible structurally viable project is delivered while always keeping in mind cost efficiency.

Eoin is the Construction Director and Principal Site Manager for Excelsior Land and oversees all projects from inception to completion. As part of Excelsior Land’s development and investment offering, Eoin sources land, manages the planning process and places investor’s equity including securing debt funding for projects.

Previously 5 years as Board Director at The Opes Group, Eoin created and managed residential and commercial portfolios with a GDV of £330m. He played a leading role in the acquisition of Courtyard Property Group; a residential construction company providing housing for over 55′s.

Eoin has successfully completed in excess of 200 projects with over 360 assets.

Largest project managed: £65m

PhD in Civil Engineering, degrees in Maths and Engineering

Mobile: 07887 565826

Email: eoin@excelsior-land.com

Katie O’CearbhaillFinance Director

Joint founder and Finance Director of Excelsior Land Limited, Katie is responsible for the corporate side of the business, cost analysis, quality control and Interior Design, Katie ensures projects are completed to the highest standard using the most cost efficient materials. An expert in performance measurement means Katie facilitates transparent returns to Excelsior Land’s clients and investors.

Acting as a Contracts Manager and responsible for the interior design of the developments, Katie ensures Quality Control is kept to a high standard by working with contractors to ensure the best possible finish and snagging each project. As Financial Director of the business, Katie ensures projects are running to the agreed budget and timeline set

Previously UK Head of Business Development at IPD (Investment Property Databank) Ltd, KAtie was responsible for building a sales team and introducing commercial awareness into the business. Formerly Director at Propex Ltd, Katie played a key role in the sale of the business to CoStar for £11m in 2007.

Degree in Law and Politics

Mobile: 07967 818317

Email: katie@excelsior-land.com

If you have a project in mind or you would like to invest with Excelsior Land, contact Eoin or Katie who would delighted to have a chat!

Call 01908 713200 to speak to us directly or arrange a time to meet.

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