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Good Quality, Solid Investments

Excelsior Land has several private equity investors who partner with us on 2-10 year agreements. By working with Excelsior Land’s team of experts, our partners gain access to off market stock and enjoy returns of between 8-15%pa. Excelsior Land capitalises on the UK property market by acquiring investments between 20%-30% below current market values. The assets are good quality, solid investments that require refurbishment or development to increase the value of the asset. Assets are traded or rented/leased depending on investor preference.

Meet with Us

We would be pleased to meet new investors and discuss the opportunity of diversifying their investment portfolio. We provide investment opportunities in both the Commercial and Residential sector and prefer to work within the South East and Midlands.

Transparent Progress Reports

Investment is non-pooled and project specific. For properties that are traded, the average project is 6-12 months. Return on Equity between 8-15%pa. Transparent progress reports are produced on an annual basis showing returns.

For more information or to arrange a meeting, please contact Eoin O’Cearbhaill or Katie O’Cearbhaill on 01908 713200.